Canton Global Academy


28 June 2018

Dear CGA Community members,

There is an expression in English, Punching above one’s weight. The metaphor is taken from boxing and it means taking on an opponent who is in a heavier division and being successful.

Canton Global Academy (CGA) was established in September 2017 from the small beginnings of 8 students to a total 42 students by the end of June 2018. CGA is a small school, yet, during its inaugural Academic Year 2017-2018 it was able to achieve success in many of the areas that a much bigger, more well-established school usually would.

CGA is a unique international school where educational innovation characterises the programme of education. At CGA, two featured pogrammes, STEAM and Traditional Chinese have been incorporated into our core curriculum, the British National Curriculum. One of the many opportunities offered by the opening of this new international school is the chance for the school community, our parents, the School Board, our Senior Management and all other teachers and staff to work together to take an innovative approach to education for our students.

Thanks must go to the staff and students who gave unstintingly of their time and effort to set up and manage all these events throughout the school year: Masquerade Ball, Winter Concert, Chinese New Year Festivities and performances, Sporting successes, International Day and Mother’s Day celebrations, Music and Art Showcase, and the Wet N Wild Movie Party Day. The photos in CGA Year Book 2017 2018 are the proof of these.

The inaugural Academic Year at CGA has laid the foundations for its future success and development.

My thanks to all the staff and parents who supported us in establishing CGA as a school and developing this venture and last but not least to the students who have participated in the full life of the school over this first year.

Have a good summer holiday and see you again on 20 August 2018!

Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Charles Chao

Founding Chief Operations Officer