A bus service is provided by an outside registered and certified school Bus Company contracted by CGA to assist parents with the transportation needs of their child/children to and from the school campus. The buses are air conditioned and clearly marked and numbered on the dashboards. A bus monitor is assigned for each bus to be responsible for monitoring attendance and supervising students. On the CGA Campus, the Bus Coordinators facilitate communication between the bus contractor, parents and school personnel.

On the buses the school provides bus monitors with daily transportation between school and a selection of popular housing locations on regular school days. In the morning, pick-up takes place between 6:15am and 7:20am depending on location. Travel time varies depending on the pick-up location and traffic, but averages 35-60 minutes from home to school.

The school does not provide a door-to-door bus service, the pick-up and drop-off point will not automatically be a student’s home. It depends upon:
     • Bus size and the length of the route are traveling time.
     • Street size, condition and location.
     • Traffic situation and regulations.

If a student chooses to live in an area without a pickup and drop spots, parents must arrange transportation to the main pickup spots.

Families who are looking for permanent housing or anticipating relocation within the city are advised to discuss busing needs and options with the Bus Coordinators.